Toddler Health Tips

A household with toddlers needs to pay extra attention to the small ones. They are fragile, curios, and playful, making themselves easy targets for diseases or accidents if there are no adults supervising them. Read the following tips on toddler health, and have a healthy and happy child.

Keep the floors and carpets clean

A toddler only does three things every day – eat, play, sleep. Of course, playing is by far their favorite activity, and they prefer to sit on the floor when they play because there is more space to take advantage of. Moreover, until they learn how to walk, they just walk on all fours on the floors. Therefore, you must always keep your floors and carpets clean, for the child to not inhale or eat something filled with germs, bacteria, and even toxins. To enjoy some time for yourself, and still keep the:

  • Floors
  • Tiles
  • Carpets

Purify the air

A lot of germs and bacteria are in the air we breathe, and they present a big risk for the small ones. To ensure that the air the toddler breathes is clean, place air purifiers in every room of the house. This way, even dust settles harder, and you will feel improvements immediately. If the toddler suffers from asthma or allergies, the air purifier will eliminate any contaminants that may harm them as well. In a household where there are adults that smoke, the air purifier is a definite must-have.

The sad fact is that a smoker might not be able to stop just because a baby or toddler is around, but thankfully there are methods to get rid of the smell and all the impurities that the cigarette smoke has. Air purification systems that use activated carbon filters are generally the go-to when it comes to households with smokers in them, one of those being able to clear the air in the nursery or whatever room you place it in of odor-causing particles of all sizes, including smoke. To make sure the quality of the air the little one inhales is top quality, you can use some air humidifiers as well. This way, you can keep the humidity in every room at a healthy level, making sure the small one, and yourself for that matter, are being protected 100%.

Put fences to avoid falls

You can’t stay next to the toddler 24/7 to supervise their every move, therefore you need to take precautionary measures. If you have stairs, the toddler will certainly try to go up and down them. They are very curious, and they like adventures, so you have to avoid any injuries as much as you can. Therefore, install fences for their protection at the top and bottom of the stairs, ensuring that even if you’re not paying attention, the toddler won’t be able to reach them. This comes in handy if you want to restrict access to certain rooms as well.

Set up your house safety-proof

Things such as gates, edge bumpers, and doorknob covers are a necessity. You want to prevent them from injuries as much as you can. Whilst it’s true that it may take some time to install everything, you should also try to:

  • Set the right water temperature – Their wondering hands will inevitably discover the magic of running water. This is why you need to make sure that the water heater is to 120 degrees F. When a toddler is exposed to 140-degrees F (normal temperature) the skin will sustain third-degree burns
  • Move all medications out-of-reach – It’s very important that they never come in contact with cosmetics, plants, pesticides, and cleaning products. There’s no hiding the fact that they will try to put in their mouths everything they can get a hold of
  • Paper towel roll test – All of the toys should be dropped through a paper towel roll. If it goes through with ease, it means that it’s a choking hazard. Don’t forget about the parts that can come off the toy too

Learn and teach First Aid or CPR

This can make the difference between life and death. In critical situations, you must know how to do it when the rescue team is on the way. It’s inevitable that your child will get bumps scratches, bruises, and scrapes. That’s how they learn. What you need to do is to know how to correctly take care of them. Some may require thorough cleaning and taking care of. Therefore, you need to know what to do and when.

Furthermore, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is the emergency procedure that can be performed on anyone of any age who is not breathing or the heart stopped. You cannot lose seconds by panicking as it can cause brain damage and death.


Caring for a child is a hard business, as any parent knows, and the toddler period is one of the most challenging as the small ones know how to walk and the surrounding peak their curiosity. Thus, your job when it comes to keeping the child safe becomes tougher than ever. Evidently, there’s the issue of creating and upkeeping a healthy environment indoors for the child to live and grow in as well, so there are plentiful aspects to take into consideration when you are caring for a toddler. We are confident that by following our advice you will have an easier time raising the child in a healthy and safe manner, all while putting as little stress as possible on yourself too. A happy parent and a healthy child go hand-in-hand, and if you want nothing but the best for your small bundle of joy, you must not stray from any of the recommendations provided here.