What Causes Hair Loss?

Before you start putting into practice the latest hair health tips that you learned online, you should consider if you are hurting your hair in any way, without realizing. Most often, the best hair health tips are the ones that urge you to deal with the various causes of hair loss. Most of us face this problem and it can be quite frustrating. We all want to have thick, healthy and shiny hair, but sometimes things are not the way we want them to be. In order to solve the hair loss problem, we certainly must know what the cause is. Here is a short list of the most common causes of hair loss.

It might be hereditary

Hair loss can be hereditary. This is, without any doubt, the most common cause of hair loss. It can be hereditary from your mother’s side or your father’s. In case you are facing hair loss and you think that it is hereditary, you should see a dermatologist. He will examine the pattern of your hair loss, and he might ask you to do a blood test as well, in order to find out if there are other problems as well. What you can do, in order to slow the hair loss, is to apply some minoxidil on your scalp three times a day. It works for men and women as well. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Hair loss during and after pregnancy

It is a known fact that pregnant women lose their hair during pregnancy and after as well. This usually happens because of the poor nutrition, or because they suffer from anemia. It can happen because of the hormonal changes in your body as well. What you can do is to eat healthy food and even take supplements, or wait a period of time after you give birth, in order to see if your hair continues to fall. If it does, then you should consider seeing a dermatologist.

Stress definitely causes hair loss

Stress is definitely very dangerous. It can lead to many health problems. Hair loss is just one of them. In order to avoid this, you should reduce the anxiety, by eating lots of vegetables and fruits, doing exercise, drinking lots of water, relaxing as often as you can, and even doing yoga. By doing so, you will certainly eliminate the stress, and your hair will start growing and being thick again.

Carefully choose your hair products

With so many hair products on the market, no wonder we don’t know what to choose. The best hair products are the natural and organic ones. They can be quite expensive, but they definitely worth the money. Choose the ones that are suitable for your hair, in order to have good results. Choose one that will cause minimum damage to your hair. Nevertheless, even with such a tool, frequent use of flat irons can also lead to hair loss. If you want to avoid that, you must not use it too often, or you could start using special hair protection products.