New standards in female beauty make out of labiaplasty a highly requested intervention


In an era when everybody’s self-image is modelled by the media, it is no wonder females around the world feel unpleased with the way their private areas look. Pornography is another factor that changes women’s level of satisfaction about the way their vaginas look, leading to increased levels of anxiousness and embarrassment in front of their partners.  Also, labia minora reduction and reshape interventions are desired by women for practical reasons equally, tight clothing or engaging in certain activities being a little difficult if they are enlarged. As a result, labiaplasty is a type of surgery that gains more popularity amongst women. It can be performed in clinics around the world, by reputable surgeons and gynaecologists, and it does not affect the sensitivity of the area or the level of pigmentation. However, below are some interesting facts about this kind of interventions.

Driven by the cultural and social changes in the past decades…

Although the corrective intervention was first mentioned in a medical journal in 1971, it didn’t become an overnight sensation. However, when the close view of female parts was facilitated by Internet access and explicit pornography in the ‘90s, things changed considerably. Porn actresses and actors became more aware about their private areas, and intensive grooming processes began. This lead to inoculating in regular individuals they should adopt the same measures to make themselves more appealing and maybe more accepted by their sexual partners. Maybe they felt forced to do so, because who knows who would have judged if they didn’t? And if Sex and the City make out of Brazilian waxing a celebrity, Sharon Osbourne brought to public’s attention labiaplasty, performed in a reputable Centre for Surgery. However, this intervention is popular nowadays not only because of the pressure of aligning with certain beauty standards, trends and expectations, but also because of practical reasons. Wearing tight clothing is difficult indeed if you have enlarged labia minora.

…nowadays improving women’s self-image and boosting their confidence levels

Regardless of a woman’s motivations or causes of their low self-esteem and embarrassment when it comes to their vaginas, we must face the fact that such surgeries help them regain their confidence and in most of the cases, make them more pleased with their sexual life. A surgical intervention performed by specialised medical personnel, and most of the times it is preferred as less as possible cutting. After the reshaping and remodelling process, patients are advised to stop any type of workouts, urinate in the shower, for proper hygiene levels, since the area is still sensitive and it can easily get infested otherwise. Of course, after the healing of the area women start noticing the large benefits brought by it, mainly consisting in a higher quality of their sex lives. This is the result of increased levels of confidence and self-worth, as well as a positive feedback from their sexual partners. Properly performed, the remodelling process should not modify in any way the colour of the area, neither should it decrease its sensitivity.