Real Health Benefits of Rowing Machines

Most likely, in all the gyms that you have gone to, there was at least one rowing machine. If you are wondering which is the rowing machine with the highest health advantages, you should check real opinions and analyze the highest rated models available. Furthermore, in the following lines, we will show you exactly what are the real health benefits of rowing machines, benefits that have made them so popular among fitness and health fanatics everywhere.

Healthy body composition

By exercising on the rowing machine on a regular basis, you maintain a healthy balance of fat-free mass and fat mass in your body. This means that your body composition will remain at optimal levels, which will promote a better overall health, ensuring that you will have decreased chances of suffering from weight-related illnesses.

Rapid weight loss

Those who struggle with extra pounds know very well that not having the right weight doesn’t only ruin the physical appearance, but it takes a toll on the health as well. Individuals who are overweight are especially targeted by the negative effects of excess fat as they are more predisposed to a wide variety of diseases, including diabetes and heart failure. Fortunately, the rowing machine is here to help by providing a hearty aerobic exercise that helps burn up to 400 calories in only 30 minutes. This will make your weight loss goals a lot easier to achieve if you accompany using the rower with eating healthier.

Improved muscle and joint mobility

As we age, different muscle and joint conditions start to appear because of the years of inactivity that we have succumbed these parts of our bodies to. Using the rowing machine provides an exercise that isn’t only incredibly effective at increasing flexibility, but that is great at minimizing stiffness in the muscles and joints as well. If you take up exercising with this fitness equipment regularly, you will repair the damages of the sedentary lifestyle that you used to lead, preventing health issues related to old age and inactivity from appearing.

Stress reduction

When you exercise on the rowing machine, the release of endorphins in your body is stimulated. This will give you a feel-good sensation, making you think in a more positive manner, and it will help relieve the stress that is overwhelming your mind. Also, this release of endorphins helps battle depression, a mental health issue that has unfortunately become very common these days.

Improved cardiovascular health

In addition to all of the health benefits that we have already mentioned, working out with the rower will play a big part in improving your cardio health as well. For you to get to enjoy this benefit, all that you have to do is to set the machine at a low resistance level and row as fast as you can for at least 30 minutes every day. This will give your heart the workout that it needs to pump the blood at a faster rate, keeping health problems such as heart failure and strokes away.