Is the Microwaved Food Carcinogenic?

Same as any processed food, the microwaved food raises some questions regarding its safety and how it can pose a risk to people’s health. Considering it is exposed to microwave radiations when cooked or heated in the microwave oven, most people are convinced that the microwaved food suffers modifications that can interfere with the well-functioning of their bodies. To help solve this curiosity, here are some arguments that can determine whether or not the microwaved food is carcinogenic.

The level of microwave radiations is kept below the danger level

Microwave ovens using microwave radiations is a fact, but it is also a fact that this type of radiations is controlled by the FDA, which state that the level of radiations is kept well below the level known to harm people. Furthermore, the newest microwave ovens go through a series of rigorous tests before ending on the store shelves. As for the amount of microwave radiation leakages from the ovens, these are also kept very low and all the ovens feature two independents interlock systems that stop the microwaves release once the door is open. However, it is also up to the owner to make sure their microwave oven is not damaged, that the door closes perfectly and that any sign of malfunction is solved at a service.

The food cooked in the microwave oven takes less time to be ready

Any food you process either by cooking, baking or boiling, suffers modifications in the structure and starts losing nutrients and vitamins, depending on the cooking process and the amount of time designed for cooking. If you think that in a microwave oven it takes less time to have food ready, you will understand that the food does not lose all its nutrients as it does when you boil it or keep it in the oven for a longer time. Moreover, the microwaves penetrate deeply in the food and do not break down the nutritional value of the food, which results in tasty and healthy food, as long as you don’t overcook it.

The food is safe if you don’t use plastic containers in the microwave oven

A very concerning aspect is what kind of cookware people use to reheat, defrost or cook their food, which has an important part in keeping the food safe. Microwave ovens are designed to work with ceramic, glass and plastic containers, but the safest ones are the ceramic and glass ones because there are no chemicals that can be released while microwaving. The plastic containers must be avoided at all costs because they contain toxic ingredients that are dangerous to the health. Therefore, transfer all your food from plastic to glass or ceramic in order to keep it safe to eat.