The Riskiest Plastic Surgeries

A plastic surgery can make you look gorgeous, but it certainly involves some risks as well. It is an important step and you must be well informed before you actually have a surgery like that. In case you are planning to have a plastic surgery, first have a look at the riskiest plastic surgeries.


When it comes to liposuction, there are lots of risks that a plastic surgery like this involves. Before having a liposuction you must take into account the most important risk that a plastic surgery like that involves, and that would be the perforation of your stomach wall. Along with this risk, come others as well, such as systemic infection or fat clogs in your lungs. Liposuction is without any doubt a risky plastic surgery, which is actually recommended to have only when if it’s necessary.

Body lifting

This is considered the most dangerous plastic surgery of all. Lots of people who had this sort of surgery, had a complication or even more. It is without any doubt a complex surgery, which requires a professional surgeon for a successful result. And even so, many complications can occur during or after this procedure. A body lifting includes lifting your tummy, your genitals, your breasts and your buttocks. Infections are extremely common when it comes to body lifting. There have been cases when people lost a big amount of blood during a body lifting surgery and they needed a transfusion. After a body lifting surgery, you can remain with scars which will not completely disappear. These are risks that you must take into account when having a surgical intervention like this.

Breast implant

In case you are thinking of having a breast implant, then you should think better about this aspect. A breast implant involves risks such as scar tissue, chronic breast pain, necrosis, infection and so on. There is a long list with complications that might occur after a procedure like this. You should also consider that the result won’t be as you expected to be, and if so, you will probably need additional surgery in order to solve the problem. In some cases, women have actually died after a breast implant due to the serious complications. Another risk that a plastic surgery like this involves is the breastfeeding which can be affected. In most of the cases, women couldn’t breastfeed their babies because of their breast implant. It is even harder to detect breast cancer when having a breast implant. In case you want to have a plastic surgery like breast implant, you must think if it actually worth the risks.