How to Avoid Shaving Rashes

Men usually experience shaving rashes due to the sensitive and dry skin or dull razors. Are you dealing with shaving rashes as well, and do not know what to do about that? If so, the good news is that you can easily avoid them. In case you are wondering how you can do that, here is how to avoid shaving rashes.

Exfoliate your skin before shaving

This is an important step that you must follow before shaving, in order to avoid shaving rashes. By doing so, your skin will definitely be smoother and obviously less prone to irritation. If you exfoliate your skin before you actually start shaving, you will experience a uniform and close shaving. By doing this regularly, you will also prevent ingrown hair. It is recommended to exfoliate your skin after shaving as well.

Use a sensitive shaving foam

Some men use soap and water before shaving, which is wrong. It is a mistake to do that and their skin is probably extremely irritated, and this is what you don’t want to happen to you, right? In case you want to avoid shaving rashes, it is necessary that you use a sensitive shaving foam. Stop using other products and go and get one that has been specially designed for sensitive skin. You will find on the market many products that will certainly meet your needs. Remember to reapply the shaving foam on areas that need a second shaving. A correct shaving starts with washing your face with warm water and doing a good exfoliation in order to open your pores and soften your facial hair. After doing so, you can apply the shaving foam and start shaving. By following these easy steps, you will certainly avoid shaving rashes. Don’t forget to wash your face at the end with cold water in order to close you pores and avoid other possible irritations.

Use an electric shaver

You will find on the market many shaving products and you will probably find a bit confusing to choose just one. It is recommended that you get an electric shaver for a daily use. This type of shaver is designed to offer you protection and a professional shaving at the same time. A professional electric shaver can be quite expensive, but it definitely worth the money. Learn more about the amazing features of the best electric shavers, by perusing the electric shaver reviews posted on In case you don’t want to get an electric shaver and still want to use your old razor, you should remember to shave in the direction of the hair growth. By doing so, you will avoid shaving rashes, but unfortunately not as good as you would do if using an electric shaver.