Clever Tricks for Relieving Allergy Symptoms

Those who suffer from allergies know how unpleasant it is to sneeze in the spring, to have red eyes and running noses all day long and to always have to stay away from dust, pollen, pets and other allergens. Luckily for them, there are some clever tricks that can help them relieve the allergy symptoms so that they can live a peaceful and normal life. Here are some of the simplest and most effective ways of keeping the nasty allergies under control.

Use an air purifier

This is, perhaps, the most efficient way of coping with allergies and eliminating the allergens that trigger them. Considering that the indoor environment is filled with allergens like dust mites, cigarette smoke, fumes from cleaning products, perfumes, and pet hair, by purifying the air you will manage to relieve the allergy symptoms. What an air purifier does is that it absorbs even the smallest particles from the air and keeps them inside it so that in the room there is only clean and good air for you to breathe. If you don’t know what type of air purifier to buy,  go to the site and read some air purifier reviews. Compare the pros and cons of a few products and choose the most convenient air purifier.

Wash the fabrics in hot water

Dust mites tend to stick to the fabrics in your home, like curtains, linens, covers, and rugs and since they are impossible to see with the naked eye, you hardly know they are they, but you definitely feel them. A great way to remove dust mites is to wash all the fabrics in hot water that kills most of the microscopic mites.

Control the air moisture to prevent mold

Another cause of allergies is mold, a fungus that develops in moisture and attacks not only your house and furniture but also your lungs. A dehumidifier can help you solve the moisture problem, thus it can take care of the mold in your house.  If you don’t have one, you should really consider it because it can be extremely effective. Go to the site and peruse the reviews published there in order to learn how to choose a quality dehumidifier. When you find the right one. place it in rooms with high levels of air humidity and let it adjust the moisture until the mold spores are gone. This way, you will stop inhaling harmful spores that can cause severe allergies and even asthma.

Keep the outdoor pollen from getting in your house

It’s very easy to bring pollen inside your house after working in the garden, so make sure you clean your clothes very well so that no outdoor pollen gets inside. Always wear a mask when you work outside, shower after coming from the garden and change the clothes you used while gardening. Also, avoid drying the clothes outdoors, as this is the perfect opportunity for outdoor allergens to stick to the fibers of your clothes.

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from pollen

Pollen allergies are a real headache every time you go out and you immediately start having red eyes, running nose, and you sneeze several times. By wearing sunglasses, you limit the amount of pollen that gets into your eyes, thus you protect your allergy-irritated eyes. This is one stylish trick that will keep you away from pollen spores.